PowerBook 5300


Family: PowerBook

Codename: M2

Gestalt ID: 128

Minimum OS: 7.5.2

Maximum OS: 9.1

Introduced: August 1995

Terminated: Late 1996


CPU: PowerPC 603e

CPU Speed: 100 MHz

FPU: integrated

Bus Speed: 33.3 MHz

Register Width: 32-bit

Data Bus Width: 64-bit

Address Bus Width: 32-bit

Level 1 Cache: 16 kB data, 16 kB instruction


RAM Type: unique

Minimum RAM Speed: 70 ns

Onboard RAM: 8 MB

RAM slots: 1

Maximum RAM: 64 MB

Expansion Slots: 2 Type II or 1 Type III PC Card


Screen: passive matrix 9.5" grayscale

VRAM: 512 kB

Max Resolution: 4 bit 640x480


Hard Drive: 500 MB

Floppy Drive: 1.4 MB SuperDrive


ADB: 1

Serial: 1 Mini DIN-8


Audio Out: stereo 16 bit mini

Audio In: stereo 16 bit mini

Speaker: mono

Microphone: mono


Power: 45 Watts

Dimensions: 2.2" H x 11.5" W x 8.5" D

Weight: 6.2 lbs.

Introduced in August 1995, the PowerBook 5300 was the first PowerPC PowerBook, and the first to include a sleep-swapable drive bay. Available in 4 screen configurations, and 2 RAM/HD configurations, many 5300s shipped DOA (This was the main cause of Apple's reputation for faulty products in the mid 90s). An IR transceiver for wireless networking was also included. The 100 MHz 5300 8/500 sold for $2,300.

Picture Credits:
John Greenleigh/Flipside Studios