iPod shuffle 4th Generation)


Family: iPod

Codename: ?

Minimum OS: iPod shuffle 4G OS 1.0

Maximum OS: iPod shuffle 4G OS 1.0.1

Introduced: September 2010


CPU: Samsung ARM

CPU Speed: ?

FPU: none

Register Width: 32-bit

Data Bus Width: 32-bit

Address Bus Width: 32-bit

ROM: ?

Onboard RAM: ?

Maximum RAM: ?


Flash Drive: 2.0


USB: 2.0 (via dock)

Audio Out: stereo 16 bit mini


Battery Life: 15 hours

Dimensions: 1.14" H x 1.24" W x 0.34" D

Weight: 0.0275 lbs.

Introduced in September 2010, the iPod Shuffle (4th Generation) brought back the on-device controls of the iPod Shuffle (2nd Generation), in addition to the (less popular) on-headphone controls introduced with the iPod Shuffle (3rd Generation). It was sold with 2 GB of storage for $49, in five colors: silver, pink, gold, blue, and green. In September 2012, the colors were expanded and modified to slate, silver, purple, pink, yellow, blue, green, and (PRODUCT) RED. In September 2013, slate was replaced with space gray. In July 2015, the colors were changed to blue, pink, silver, gold, slate, and (PRODUCT) RED.

Picture Credits:
Apple, Inc.