Macintosh Classic


Family: Classic Macs

Codename: XO

Gestalt ID: 17

Minimum OS: 6.0.7

Maximum OS: 7.5.5

Introduced: October 1990

Terminated: September 1992


CPU: Motorola MC68000

CPU Speed: 8 MHz

FPU: none

Bus Speed: 8 MHz

Register Width: 32-bit

Data Bus Width: 16-bit

Address Bus Width: 32-bit

ROM: 512 kB

RAM Type: 30 pin SIMM

Minimum RAM Speed: 120 ns

Onboard RAM: 1 MB

RAM slots: 2

Maximum RAM: 4 MB*


Monitor: 9" built-in

Max Resolution: 1 bit 512x342


Hard Drive: 40 MB

Floppy Drive: 1.4 MB SuperDrive


Floppy: DB-19


Speaker: 8 bit mono


Power: 76 Watts

Dimensions: 13.2" H x 9.7" W x 11.2" D

Weight: 16 lbs.


RAM expansion beyond 1 MB requires Macintosh Classic 1 MB Memory Expansion Card, which has 1 MB of additional RAM, and two SIMM connectors.

The Classic was more or less a reissue of the Mac Plus, and was hampered by its 8 MHz 68000 processor. It shipped in a newly designed case and had a large 512 kB ROM, from which it could boot. It also included the 1.4 MB "SuperDrive" floppy drive. It was available in two configurations: the low end version, with 1 MB of RAM (No hard drive) was $999 (making it the first sub-$1000 Mac), and the higher-end version, with 2 MB of RAM and a 40 MB hard drive was $1499.

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Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 00:08:42 -0700
From: Steve Andersen
Subject: Mac Classic

On your page for the Mac Classic you mention that it can be booted from ROM. Just thought you might want to add that to do that you hold down Command-Option-X-O all at once at the beginning of boot up.